karaok-AI is an open-source karaoke Player / Editor with automatic clip creation from any song file using vocals and lyrics extraction (Speech-to-Text).

Download (0.6.3 stable): Windows Mac Linux (may also be downloaded from GitHub)

Download (0.7.0 beta): Windows Mac Linux (may also be downloaded from GitHub)

You can report a bug or simply chat with us on GitHub.

karaok-AI lyrics and timestamps editor:

karaok-AI screener with synchronized lyrics:

Lyrics auto-extract and edit example:

Auto-extracted Vocals/Drums/Bass/Other stem remixing example:

karaok-AI is using WhisperHallu and WhisperTimeSync to extract vocals and lyrics.

Included: kaiDJ

kaiDJ is a minimalist and easy to use, but yet powerful and versatile DJ Party Player.

Read the documentation for the basics.

This tool is a demonstration of our know-how.
If you are interested in a commercial/industrial AI linguistic project, contact us: